Shockblaze bikes are Maxtec's top bicycle brand. They are created to carry the newest in technologies, ergonomics and design. Each one has the potential of a champion, left as an imprint from the caring hands of our mechanics on every detail. Shockblaze are not only bicycles - they are the trust and promise, given to the cyclist that he can count on us in every situation, in extreme conditions. Every new Shockblaze bike is created from our engineers, designers, product and production manager's efforts. Whether it is a mountain, road race or trekking bicycle, every bicycle we create is providing cyclists with technical superiority over the rest and experience like never before!


Ferrini is special for us! It carries the spirit of Italy, but above all the brand brings love, excitement and joy of family and friendship. In it we express our emotion and style, the pleasure of closeness with our loved ones and cycling as a way to express yourself and your style. Ferrini is the emotion and pure joy of cycling, we want to pass on to every cyclist. Created with top manufacturing methods by specialists with longstanding experience in the industry. The center of our philosophy are the people, participating in the product creation. Through the efforts of our engineers, designers, product and production managers every Ferrini bike presents cyclists with one of a kind experience!